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How We Are Different

In order to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients, we at Franchise Creator accept a limited number of clients in any given year. Mr. Kasmai with his extensive REAL-WORLD experience and successful track record in the field of franchising personally handles every single client. Unlike other franchise consulting firms, your case is not passed on to a junior helper.

Before you agree to proceed with a consulting firm, you must determine if you rather have your franchise documentation produced by a junior helper who has been trained to follow a standard procedure or work with someone who has developed his own franchise concepts from scratch and built them into multi-million dollar businesses (more than once). Mr. Kasmai will work with you personally to produce a set of fully customized franchise documentation that is customized to your particular business and your business model.

Mr. Kasmai having developed other franchise businesses from scratch and personally growing them to hundreds of locations internationally has the proper experience to guide your company to a rapid and successful growth both nationally and internationally.


  • Directly work with the founder with years of successful experience in Franchise Development, not just a trained agent.
  • One company can handle all of your needs, not just a few. We can handle your entire franchise development and operation or simply parts of the development process. Tell us what you need us to do.
  • We only handle a selected few clients at a time and therefore our time line is by far faster than our competitors. Every day that you save in getting your franchise up and running may translate into thousands of dollars of income for you. When you work with us, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how quick and painless your business can be franchised to grow into tens or even hundreds of locations.
  • Because of our low overhead, our cost to develop your franchise system is BY FAR LESS THAN any of our competitors.
  • Our founder, Mr. Kasmai being a registered professional engineer has an excellent understanding of technology. He will make recommendations for your business based on the latest technology tools and systems that would help your franchised business to be far better than your competitors.
Before selecting a franchise consulting firm, you should research and interview many different franchise consulting firms. At Franchise Creator, a complete interview process in the begining will ensure that both parties are a perfect fit for each other.

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