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Bailey Seafood


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About This Franchise!


Quick Facts

/Initial Franchise Fee$34,500
/Total Investment$226,250 - $381,500
/Year Founded2014
/# of Existing Units1
/Royalties5% of Gross Sales

About Us

• Family owned and operated since 1985
• Bailey Seafood quickly anchored itself as one of the best places to get a fast and fresh fish dinner in Buffalo, New York.
• Highest quality fish and seafood products.
• From Northern Canada all the way down to Argentina, we find a way to deliver a never-ending flow of seafood products to our fish cases.
• All our fish is hand breaded and never pre-cooked.
• Our vendor partnerships ensure you’ll get only the best and highest quality seafood and meats.

Why Choose Us

The seafood industry provides one of the highest traded food commodities in the world today. Out of the 170 million tons of fish that are produced by the industry each year, about 136 million tons are used for food products. The average person in the world today eats more than 40 pounds of seafood products each year.


35 year old seafood take-out business that specializes in unique seafood concepts. We have perfected take-out.

We serve everything from fish fry, super sandwiches, sauté shrimp and pasta, all cooked to order and visible to the customer.
With over 20 combinations of fish fry and cooked seafood, Bailey Seafood is your one stop shop for anything under the sea.
Our user friendly way of ordering online through entitles the customer to 10% off for life when ordering pickup. Our dishes look and taste better than most sit down restaurants.

We also have a clean, systemized business that can handle a huge amount of customers if needed without slowing down average wait time.


Everything is cooked to order.

Customers see their actual food being cooked from raw to finished product. They can even pick their own fish.

Orders come out fast because of the number of deep fryers and efficiency of the system.
Very unique menu items that have been tested for years.
Franchisees go through 30 hours of a classroom training program and 50 hours of on the job training at our headquarters.