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Mango Biche


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About This Franchise!


Quick Facts

/Initial Franchise Fee$19,900
/Total Investment$75,890 - $104,150
/Year Founded2015
/# of Existing Units8
/Royalties7% of Gross Revenue

About Us

Mango lovers all over south Florida are raging over Mango Biche. This authentic Latin snack is bringing a taste of South American cuisine to a location near you! At Mango Biche we aim to provide excellent service and deliver a fresh and healthy product to our customers. Our straight forward and simple business concept ensures maximum quality at a low price. With more than 10 different seasonings and sauces, Mango Biche offers a unique and original way to tailor your mango to your liking. Salty, sweet, sour, and bitter we have a mango for every pallet. Thanks to our loyal customers, since 2015 we have expanded and opened 8 locations in south Florida with more to come!


Green mango or Mango Biche as they call it in Colombia is a common found street snack in Bogota. The concept is quite simple: Thinly sliced (something like mango noodles other times like thicker mango sticks) unripe mango topped with line and salt. The taste is so different from ripe mango it fulfills an entirely different craving. You can also try the sweet side with condensed milk. There is a list of ingredients to choose from to satisfy your mango craving.


We’re continuously looking for passionate and motivated franchisees. Whether you’re looking to open a new location in an identified growth market or for a franchise business opportunity within an existing location, there are plenty of ways to become a Mango Biche franchisee.


Mango Biche Mia offers a comprehensive and hands on training program that consists of 2 hours of classroom training and 25 hours of on-the-job training in order to ensure that franchisees are 100% equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to successfully operate their own store. Learning directly from those running established locations and on site support will ensure that your new franchise will be a resounding success.