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Quick Facts

/ Initial Franchise Fee $65,000
/ Total Investment $427,990 - $865,610
/ Year Founded 2010
/ # of Existing Units 6
/ Finance Assistance Yes
/ Royalties ROYALTY FEE UP TO $3,500/MO; AD ROYALTY FEE $600/MO

About Us

OrthoNOW is an upscale, immediate care franchise facility that is exclusively dedicated to treating orthopedic and sports medicine injuries without an appointment. These injuries include fractures, sprains, concussions, open wounds, dislocations, and lacerations. OrthoNOW’s first facility was established in 2010 in Doral, FL, but additional facilities can be franchised anywhere nationally and internationally.

OrthoNOW offers patients a differentiated service that traditional hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers do not: A luxury facility that provides walk-in, expert orthopedic care delivered by board-certified orthopedic physicians.

OrthoNOW is a fully integrated facility that provides on-site digital x-ray and MRI services, and accepts all forms of insurance.

Market Analysis for Orthopedic Care

The Problem: Frustrating and Expensive General Care

Prior to OrthoNOW, patients with orthopedic and sports medicine injuries had to choose between receiving immediate care at an emergency room or a general urgent care facility. At either facility, the patient’s experience would be frustrating, expensive, and inefficient. For example, a patient with a broken finger would face the following path to treatment if he started out at an emergency room or urgent care center.

The Solution: Pleasant and Affordable Expert Care

With OrthoNOW, patients finally have a facility that treats their condition as its #1 priority. Patients no longer have to wait unnecessarily while other, “higher priority” patients (e.g. patients with heart, asthma, and trauma conditions) are seen ahead of them. When a patient is treated at OrthoNOW, a specialist sees him immediately and on-site. The injury is treated correctly during the first visit, eliminating the need for further visits to another surgeon or facility. In an identical scenario to the above, the OrthoNOW patient would instead face the following path to treatment.

The Competition: Emergency Rooms, Urgent Care Centers, and Traditional Practices

The market for orthopedic care is comprised of hospital emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and traditional orthopedic practice. Exhibit 3 highlights the unique market niche that OrthoNOW occupies relative to these competitors.

The collective failure of emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and traditional orthopedic practices to offer convenient and expert care is underscored by the level of frustration amongst patients:

  • Only 57% of Americans report having access to same-day or next-day appointments with their preferred physician

  • Over 63% of Americans report difficulty in accessing care on nights, weekends or holidays without going to the emergency room

As shown in Exhibit 3, emergency rooms are both hard to access and incapable of delivering quality orthopedic care. Urgent care centers are easier (and more pleasant) to access, but fail to provide quality orthopedic care. Traditional ortho- pedic practices provide quality orthopedic care but are impossibly hard to access on a timely basis.

Only OrthoNOW offers its patients excellent orthopedic c a r e on an immediate basis, resulting in a significantly improved patient experience. While there are plenty of generic orthopedic urgent care centers popping up nationally and internationally, only OrthoNOW offers a branding approach that can change the way musculoskeletal care is delivered.

Franchise Pricing

OrthoNOW sells franchises on a single and multi-unit (area development) basis. For both franchise programs, OrthoNOW charges an initial, upfront franchise fee, and a flat, recurring fee based on a pre-defined set of services used by the fran- chisee (e.g. marketing material, practice manual, IP, web site, etc.).
OrthoNOW’s fees are benchmarked against other general urgent care franchises in North America. However, OrthoNOW’s franchise model is more specialized than a general urgent care’s model and OrthoNOW’s value proposition is more competitive than that of a general urgent care’s.

To be considered for an OrthoNOW franchise, please contact us at