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Quick Facts

/Initial Franchise Fee$24,900
/Total Investment$149,900 - $249,900
/Year Founded2016
/# of Existing Units6
/Royalties6% of Gross Sales

About Us

Our motto is “Flow Is King” which is this “In the Zone” feeling we create to WOW our guests.
New form of Entertainment in the US. CEO - Mr. Akos Gabossy has extensive knowledge in business and financing; as well as being a Ph.D. student of the Budapest Technology and Economics. Team of young Hungarian professionals with the knowledge and vested interest in the success of PanIQ Room (More than $1 Million in escape rooms). The fastest growing escape room chain in the US and all the professionals needed to create an extraordinary experience. Also, have more than 300 teams at each location monthly. Multinational companies like Oracle, HP, Google, L'Oréal, Cheesecake Factory, GoPro and others have already tried our unique experience.


▶ According to the United States Chamber of Commerce 86% of franchises opened within the last five years were still under the same ownership and 97% of them were still open for business.
▶ Close to 50% of new (non-franchised) businesses are out of business within the first 2-years of operation.


▶ Comprehensive training program designed to ensure that you are 100% equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise needed in order to successfully operate your own escape room.
▶ Multi phase training includes hours of hands-on training at one of our established locations in any PanIQ Room location in addition to many hours of support at your newly established location. We also offer, and prefer on site training, in order to train franchisees at their actual franchise location.


▶Not low budget simple escape rooms
▶Higher quality service – more complex games
▶Authentic Themes, Special effects and customized games
▶Ideally designed for 4-6 players – No random people in your team
▶Special rooms for children and families
▶Prime Real estate locations operating 16 daily 7 days per week
▶Not one room is the same as the next
▶Logical/smart and thrilling/exiting games - more action based
▶Professional brand identity and marketing communication
▶Managed by young professionals – big experience in business.
▶Proprietary manufacturing in Hungary
▶ We have connections in the entertainment sector and are able to think in BIG.