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Steam City Kids


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Quick Facts

/Initial Franchise Fee$26,500
/Total Investment$73,778 - $81,096
/Year Founded2006
/# of Existing Units1
/Royalties6% of Gross Revenue

About Us

STEAM City Kids maintains a consistent goal to inspire children and expand their horizons by enriching them with science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Educating children from preschool to eighth grade, we do everything in our power to make useful, necessary information as fun and entertaining as possible. The best way to get children to be engaged in the information they are receiving is by making them see it as a fun activity instead of typical school work. Because of this, our employees tend to have just as much fun interacting and joking with the children as they do themselves. Complete with in-school field trips, live animals, hands-on experiments, and an age-targeted staff, it’s no wonder children find it so easy to engage and expand their knowledge. As a STEAM City Kids franchisee, immerse yourself in the fulfilling, heart-warming work that comes with making a difference in children’s lives. Become the influence children need to be intelligent leaders of tomorrow by becoming a part of STEAM City Kids today.


STEAM City Kids directly benefits children of all ages by entertaining them to the point that it doesn’t even feel like school to them! Become a role model for children to look up to and inspire children to become motivated, all while having a great time interacting with them. Handle live animals and lead experiments, all while cracking jokes directed towards your young, lively audience. Teachers and parents absolutely love rebooking us due to our ability to target specific audiences and create meaningful, fun presentations for children of any grade level. Different presentation styles can be tailored to each specific audience to ensure each presentation is appropriate and insightful. More satisfied teachers or parents generate more rebooking’s and referrals, creating a marketing form all on its own. Become the influence children need to be intelligent leaders of tomorrow by becoming a part of Steam City Kids today.


In order to own your own Steam City Kids franchise and begin inspiring the youth in your area, fees are as follows:
• Franchise Fee: $26,500
• Insects, worms, plants, soil, and life cycles: $1,055-$1,120
• Inventory of presentations: $1,865-$1,917
• Business licenses and permits: $500
• Grand opening advertisement: $2,000
• Computer with CRM and QuickBooks: $1000
• Insurance (3 months): $400-$600
• Equipment and other supplies (marketing): $37,707-$41,160
• Accountant and attorney fees: $750-$1,500
• Additional funds (3 months): $2,000-$4,000
• TOTAL estimated initial investment: $73,777.50-$81,097.50
This gives you the exclusive territory rights to a population area of 200,000 people.


As a proud owner of a Steam City Kids franchise, you will receive 8 hours of classroom training and 32 hours of on-the-job training from our team. Besides this, Steam City Kids is here to assist you in any way you need every step of the way because your success is our goal!


Join our innovative team to inspire and educate the youth in your area and have a blast while doing it. Nothing beats the fulfillment of the smiles that can’t leave children’s faces as they acquire knowledge that will benefit them directly. Our programs also take stress off of parents by providing after school clubs, no-school-day programs, day camp, and birthday parties, so you can expect happiness from all parties involved. These aspects make STEAM City Kids a pleasant opportunity for everybody! Be the difference a child needs and join our innovative team today.