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Quick Facts

/Initial Franchise Fee$29,900
/Total Investment$118,650 - $200,600
/Year Founded2014
/# of Existing Units5
/Royalties5% of Gross Revenue

About Us

Sugaring is a method of hair removal that has been in use since 1900 BC. Historically, sugar was confined to the regions surrounding Persia until the first millennium AD. As a result, it is speculated that honey was the first sugaring agent. Sugaring is often compared to standard waxing. During the process, a sugaring substrate sticks to and essentially removes hair without attaching to the skin. The substrate can be applied at room temperature or heated to a lukewarm temperature, minimizing the risk of burns. For this reason, sugaring is generally preferred over waxing when it comes to removing hair from larger areas of skin. When the founder of Sugaring NYC, Dmytro Nartov, heard about all the great advantages sugaring has he opened his Sugaring NYC concept in 2014 and it has since been the best decision to this day.


Waxing is a popular & easily accessible method for body hair removal….but once you try sugaring I bet you never go back to waxing!!!
• Sugaring uses only natural ingredients. The preparation is 100% natural, contains water and sugar, with no chemical, fragrance or coloring additives and no lemon juice or any kind of acid. It is hypoallergenic, causes no skin irritation. It is so nature that sweet-toothed persons may even eat it! Waxing is made of resins and often toxic chemicals as well. These ingredients are often irritating, if not toxic, to the skin.
• Sugar paste can be cleaned up easily with water. You will never leave a Sugaring treatment feeling sticky. Since wax contains resins, chemical solvents are required to remove it’s residues.
• Sugar cannot adhere to live skin cells. This means less discomfort for you & less trauma to your skin. Sugaring does remove dead skin cells – so as the hair is removed your skin is also getting exfoliated! Wax has been known to remove more than just the hair, since it can adhere directly to live skin cells, which makes waxing more painful & irritating. Wax cannot be applied to an area more than twice at the most.


According to Industry Insider research, sugaring ranks sixth among top-grossing spa services. Over the past five years, hair care centers have adapted to the widening availability of more effective forms of treatment such as Sugaring. Temporary hair removal services are expected to account for 44.9% of industry revenue in 2017.


Sugaring NYC provides a wide-ranging and hands on training program in order to ensure that franchisees are 100% equipped with the information, abilities and expertise to successfully operate their own store.


We are currently offering two options for franchising:
A Single Storefront - with a protected territory of the lesser of five (5) miles or a population of 70,000 people.
An Area Development Agreement - wherein you will purchase the rights to a larger territory or region and build a series of Sugaring locations.