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Tapville Station


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Quick Facts

/Initial Franchise Fee$34,500
/Total Investment$462,250 - $721,500
/Year Founded2016
/# of Existing Units2
/Royalties5% of Gross Sales

About Us

At Tapville Station, we provide an efficient, faster casual experience that squashes all of the plagues of typical fast casual dining. With our modern, self-service beer tap concept, customers are elated to control their own wait times, ensure their selection is accurately delivered, and avoid the hassle of relying on a server to deliver their order in a timely manner. Customer independence is not only beneficial to the customer, but to the employer as well. Less employees equals less stress and employee wages for the franchisee! Not to mention, when customers wait less, they order more. Besides all this, Tapville Station boasts delicious house-smoked meats in a variety of American dishes, which can be ordered from tabletop tablets. This revolutionary business model is giving every other fast casual concept a run for its money. Become a part of the rapidly growing industry and purchase the rights to your very own Tapville Station today.


The fast-casual industry is growing at a 500% rate, but we’re taking fast casual even a few steps farther. “Fast,” in our terms, is more like “instant,” since customers can serve themselves as much beer as they want, as soon as they want it, (we charge by the ounce). Considering beer sales take up 50% of our total sales, it’s encouraging to know that we boast an 82% gross margin on beer, which is significantly higher than our competition. All this while keeping prices low to ensure customer satisfaction. We also generate 19% less waste as part of our ongoing effort to save the environment. Efficiency is our guiding light at Tapville Station, and we aim to maintain this image in as many ways as possible.


Becoming a part of the Tapville station team and join the excitement of independence and satisfaction. Not to mention, surround yourself with a pleasant environment… and an entire wall of draft beers. Fees are as follows:
• Franchise Fee: $34,500
• Initial Inventory: $23,000-$25,000
• Equipment and supplies: $100,000-$175,000
• Total Investment: $462,250-$721,500


Indulge in the opportunity of success and self-actualization by joining the Tapville Station team. Upon joining our team, you will undertake 20 hours of classroom training and 20 hours of on the job training at Tapville headquarters, along with 80 hours of on the job training at your location, before and immediately after your grand opening. Additionally, we, as the franchisor, will guide you every step of the way to ensure your personal success.


Become a franchisee of Tapville Station to join one of the fastest growing industries, revolutionized. Self-service and modernized technology can be enjoyable for everybody! In a constantly-changing technological environment, there is no reason the restaurant business should remain the same. With efficiency and technology as our targeting forces, we aim to make that difference ourselves. Join in on the opportunity to be your own boss today.