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Working with Franchise Creator has been great! Hossein and his staff have been top notch. They’ve delivered on every point that they promised, in a very timely manner. There’s times where I was slacking- they would make sure that I would get them the information that they needed in a timely manner and get this franchise up and running quickly. Quicker than I thought they were going to do it.

Jeremy Scheider, CEO

Drone Nerds

Dear Hossein,

Thank you. And thank you to your team which you’ve assembled and which clearly demonstrates talent, responsibility, self-determination, vision, and patience.

And a special thanks to Gus – who was particularly fantastic this past month. I think he’s going to be our “guy” for closing deals. Can’t wait to see what kind of investor shows up next and how he handles it. The ability to have solid answers for these problematic issues like nosy personal accountants, or demanding types of co-investors, it’s good to know you have people who know how to handle these situations.

Please also thank Ana, Jay, Jossely, and John for everything so far. They make your team shine. I’m sure you know, you are only good as your weakest link. And if your weakest link is solid Titanium, you are doing pretty fricken awesome my friend.

Derek Mithaug, CEO

Voltaire Cycles

Franchise Creator offers an end-to-end process for launching a franchise. Their support and expertise is invaluable in working through a franchise process. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking to launch a franchise.

Kevin Aoki, CEO

Blue Tree Juice

My experience with Franchise Creator has been amazing. My friend had great things to say about them and my interaction and experience with them was very similar to what he had told me. From the beginning of the process to the very end they simplified it and I think helped build a product that was presentable to businessmen but also met all the legal requirements associated with starting and operating a franchise business.

Daniel Stanton, CEO

My Eye Lab

So working with Franchise Creator has been a really great experience so far. Hossein and his team are really hands on, I feel like they are easily approachable, they contact me when they have questions, they follow up to make sure that I’m on track with where I want to be with the business and they’re also a fun group and they get me motivated and excited about what I’m doing and have really helped me see a long term vision for my business.

Fatima Lalani, CEO

Face Brow & Beauty Bar

From the beginning with Franchise Creator, I had a great relationship. I was telling him in a meeting that you are surrounded by great people and I was not including myself but I realized he is full of ideas, full of things because he is exposed to everybody that is in business, that is trying to make something out of nothing and the amount of knowledge and things he can give you is amazing and not only that but the motivation that you create with Franchise Creator is amazing. It has been a great experience, I suggest even if you do not do it, go and meet Hossein who is a fountain of knowledge. You should go and check out Franchise Creator.

Ariel Pedrosa, CEO

Advance Multi – Sign

Working with Franchise Creator has been awesome. They called me about the idea of a franchise, brought me in and walked me through the process. They have been nothing but short and amazing. I have been working with Hossein one-on-one and he has never let me down.

Austin Gagnon, CEO

Elite Bartending School

I contacted Franchise Creator about 9 days ago and I am now with my franchise. I strongly recommend Franchise Creator for any franchises. They are the true Franchise Creator Company.

Segundo Pla, CEO

Gran Paris Bakery

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